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2015.3 Mobile Health • Israel

2015.3 Mobile Health • Israel

Time & Location: June  22-28  2015• Israel

Organizer: Into Cross-cultural Communication Co., Ltd.

As a leading country in the field of Mobile Health, Israel is a country where many young mobile health startup grow and thrive. On March 22nd-28th, 2015, Into Cross-cultural Communication Co., Ltd. (INTO) successfully invited around 30 Chinese entrepreneurs including Haiyin Shen, VP of Qihoo 360, Xiaohong Han, President of Ciming, Jiangyi, CEO of Juding Health Tech, etc. to Israel to explore the trend of mobile health in Israel. Intoers visited Orpheus, Consumer Physics, Treato, Tyto Care and other around 20 companies of mobile health industry in Israel.

Haiyin Shen, VP of Qihoo 360; Bujian, Director of the Board of Santai

President of Ciming Health is listening to introduction from company of Israel

Intoers discuss about EY

Intoers at SporTracker

Intoers at Natali

Intoers at Medisafe

Intoers at GlucoMe

Intoers at Elfi-Tech

Jiang Tong of Jinglin Investment at MedinIsrael meeting

Amir Ronen, CEO of Sensible

Intoers in Tel-Aviv

Jeff Dykan, Managing Partner of SCP Vitalife

Morris Laster of OurCrowd

At Global Kinetics

At Rainbow

Scio CEO Dror Sharon and 360 VP Haiyin Shen

Arik Keshet, CEO of Geneformics

Bye Israel !