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2014.11 Mobile Health • Silicon Valley

2014.11 Mobile Health • Silicon Valley

Time & Location: Nov  16-23, 2014• Silicon Valley

Organizer: INTO Global Business Communications

INTO Global Business Communications successfully organized visits to innovative mobile health companies in silicon valley.  During this week, over 35 Chinese senior management delegates from PPTV, 360, iKang, etc. exchanged ideas and thoughts with CEOs of 15 mobile health companies in silicon valley and San Francisco.

20141208164648_60410Meeting with leading electronic medical record company Practice Fusion

20141208164708_51692Meeting with VP of B&D at Practice Fusion

20141208164723_36170Delegates outside of Practice Fusion

20141208164739_69391Meeting with smart wearable company Misfit

20141208164750_50293Meeting with Vice President of Misfit

20141208164801_31915Meeting with public trading mobile health company Castlight

20141208164823_63667Meeting with Jeff Dyett, Head of Staff of Castlight

20141208174057_69955CEO of iKang Zhang Ligangand Jeff

20141208164859_79549Former CEO of PPTV and senior managers of Castlight

20141208164912_63766Discussion with organizer of Medicine X at Stanford University

20141208174117_26980Delegates  Tiger Yin , VP of 360, ZhangJiang, General Manager of PingAn Ventures at Stanford

20141208164938_65244Lunch meeting with Mayfield Ventures partner Tim Chang

20141208164949_77005Presentation by CEO of Kurbo Health

20141208164957_10487Meeting with VP of iHealth Jeff Li

20141208165005_84121Presentation by Partner of Norwest Venture Partners Casper DeClercq

20141208165014_82737Meeting with CEO of Telcare Kevin King

20141208165023_55052Meeting with Founder CEO of HealthTap Ron Gutman

20141208174141_85699Meeting with CEO of HealthLoop Ron Johnoson

20141208174154_72218Meeting with CEO of iRhythm Technologies Andy Flanagan

20141208174204_92947Dinner with Founder of HealthLoop Jordan Shlain

20141208165108_18897INTO delegates having private dinner in Napa Valley


INTO delegation at Stanford University

20141208165058_32822INTO delegation at Half Moon Bay