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2017.5 Innovation of Enterprise Services • New York

2017.5 Innovation of Enterprise Services • New York

Time & Location: May14-21, 2017• New York

Organizer: Into Global Business Communications Co., Ltd.

Into Global Business Communication Co., Ltd. (INTO) organized the Enterprise Service trip successfully in Silicon Valley this May. A delegation of 10 leading Chinese entrepreneurs, investors and executives visited 18 top enterpeise solution companies around New York. The trip once again deepened cooperation between Sino-US companies in the high-tech field.

1.Booker Software的CEO正在介绍公司

Meeting with Booker Software

2.Booker Software的CEO

CEO of Booker Software

3 Carto公司的CEO正在进行分享


4 Conductor公司的副总裁Marc

Vice Presidnet of Conductor

5 Docurated公司的CEO在介绍

Meeing with Docurated

6 Ecovadis的创始人 Fredrick

Co- CEO and founder of Ecovadis


Sending Present to Frederic

8 Hyperscience的CEO和联合创始人

Founder and CEO of Hyperscience

9 Justworks的总监正在分享

Meeting with Just Works

10 Mast Mobile的创始人在介绍产品

Meeting with Mast Mobile

11 RTP Venture的合伙人Kirril

Founder and Partner of RTP Venture

12 途友与RTP Venture合伙人合影

Photo in RTP Venture

13 Stylesage的CEO正在介绍业务

CEO of Stylesage

14 Unmatric的CEO在介绍公司

CEO of  Unmatric

15 欢迎晚宴上的途友们

Welcoming dinner of Into


Photo in Conductor

17 途友们与Workday的Aannabel女士热烈讨论

Dinner Meeting with Workday

18 途友在分享考察收获

Discussion between team members