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2017.5 Retail Technology • Silicon Valley

2017.5 Retail Technology • Silicon Valley

Time & Location: May 21-28 in 2017• Silicon Valley

Organizer: Into Global Business Communications Co., Ltd.

Between May 21-28 in 2017, Into Global Business Communications Co., Ltd. (INTO) led 20 executives and investors from retail technology related companies and investment institutions include Alibaba, Sequoia Capital China, Source Code Capital, COSHIP Electronics, Goxin Internet,, etc. visited San Francisco Bay Area to understand the retail technology landscape and ecosystem in US and explore some potential cooperation and partnership opportunities. We had meetings with 19 US retail technology companies such as RetailNext, FiveStars, Grabit, Shyp, Poynt, Curbside, Quri, etc. Our primary goal is to connect Chinese entrepreneurs and investors with innovative US retail technology companies.

1 对话FiveStars创始人Victor

Meeting with FiveStar CEO Victor

2 对话Grove Collaborative创始人Chris

Meeting with Grove Collaborative CEO Chris

3 对话RetailNext联合创始人Alexei

Meeting with RetailNext CEO Alexei

4 对话Oak Labs战略合作副总裁Jenni

Meeting with Oak Labs VP Jenni

6 对话Grabit董事长Greg

Meeting with Grabit President Greg

7 对话亚马逊工程师Shengliang Song

Meeting with Amazon Engineer Shengliang Song

8 对话Shyp联合创始人Kevin

Meeting with Shyp Co-founder Kevin

9 途友体验智能支付平台Poynt

Experienced Poynt Payment Platform

10 途友们在Poynt合影

Group Photo at Poynt

11 途友体验智能试衣镜MemoMi

Experienced MemoMi’s Smart Dressing Mirror

12 途友体验美妆镜MemoMi

Experienced MemoMi’s Beauty Product

13 对话Percolata创始人Greg

Meeting with Percolata Founder Greg

14 对话Curbside创始人Jaron

Meeting with Curbside Founder Jaron

15 对话Deliv创始人Daphne

Meeting with Deliv Founder Daphne


Alibaba’s VP Ms. Wang with Qurr’s CEO Justin

16 途友在Quri合影

Group photo at Quri

17 对话Altierre CEO Sunit

Meeting with Altierre CEO Sunit

18 对话Boomerang Commerce CEO Grur

Meeting with Boomerang Commerce CEO Grur

89 对话颠覆传统POS机的支付平台Poynt

Meeting with Poynt’s CEO Osama

100 途友体验MemoMi智能试衣镜

Experienced MemoMi’s Smart Dressing Product

5 对话人工智能售后体验平台Linc Global

Meeting with Linc Global CEO Fang Cheng

101 途友们在斯坦福大学

Group Photo at Stanford University