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2018.05 Blockchain Innovation • Japan

2018.05 Blockchain Innovation • Japan

Time & Location: May. 3-10, 2018 • Japan

Organizer: Into Global Business Communications Co., Ltd.

From May 3 to 10 in 2018, INTO Global Business Communications Co., Ltd. (INTO) led a number of executives and investors from blockchain technology related companies and cryptocurrency asset investment institutions include Yixin Technology, Tongyuan Investment, Achain, etc. visited Tokyo again to understand the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency’s regulation and ecosystem in Japan and explore some potential cooperation and partnership opportunities. Our primary goal is to connect Chinese entrepreneurs and investors with innovative Japanese blockchain technology and cryptocurrency companies. We had meetings with 16 Japanese blockchain tech and cryptocurrency companies such as Money Partners, FISCO, Financial Services Agency, Mizuho Bank, etc.


INTO 2nd Blockchain Business Delegation Group Photo at Japan FSA

1 对话DMM海外业务部门首席总监

Meeting with DMM

2 对话Money Partners销售总监

Meeting with Money Partners

3 参访Money Partners

Group Photo at Money Partners

4 与岩下直行教授互动交流

Meeting with Prof. Iwashita Naoyuki

5 对话岩下直行教授

Group Photo with Prof. Iwashita Naoyuki

6 对话日本金融协会会长

Meeting with FinTech Association of Japan

7 途友现场发言

Intoer’s Introduction

8 途友发言提问

Q&A Session

9 参访野村综合研究所

Group Photo at NRI


Meeting at FISCO Group Japan

11 对话FISCO交易所CEO

Meeting with FISCO Exchange

12 对话日本金融厅

Meeting with Financial Service Agency

13 对话BTCBox数字货币交易所

Meeting with BTCBox

14 日方项目路演展示

Blockchain Tech Project Demo

15 项目路演现场

Demo Event

16 途友们与路演项目互动交流

Networking Time at Demo Event

17 对话瑞穗银行战略调查部负责人

Meeting with Mizuho Bank

18 对话西村朝日法律事务所合伙人

Meeting with Nishimura & Asahi

19 欢送晚宴分享交流

Farewell Dinner Discussion

20 艺伎表演

Geisha Show

21 东京游轮夜景合影

Night View in Tokyo Cruise Ship