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2014.6 Global Business Week • Israel

2014.6 Global Business Week • Israel

Time & Location: June  1st-7th 2014• Israel

Organizer: Into Cross-cultural Communication Co., Ltd.

On June 1st-7th, 2014, Into Cross-cultural Communication Co., Ltd. (INTO) successfully hosted the 2014 Global Business Israel  Week. We invited a group of 30 Chinese entrepreneurs from New Huadu Business School joined us to explore Israel crossover innovation companies, as well as exchange views of future cooperation issues and investment opportunities. As a great benefit, Israel project again, created a memorable experience for Chinese entrepreneurs.

Meeting with Mr. Saul • Singer, Israel author of ‘Start-up Nation’

New Huadu VP Mr Chen Yanhui with  Mr. Saul • Singer

the Hebrew university President Prof. Ben-Sasson with Prof. He Zhiyi

the Hebrew university Business School Prof. Avir

Tour round at the Hebrew university

at the Hebrew university

Haim Kopans, CEO of JVP

Entrepreneur sharing innovating story with Chinese visitors

Visiting  Mobileye

Visiting Google Israel

Visiting Google Israel

Visiting ebay Israel

at Adama

Professor. He Zhiyi  with Adama executive

Sharing Session

Professor Qiu Xiaohua give a speech

Pref. Qiu Xiaohua(L), Ms Zhang(M), Pref. He Zhiyi(R)

Congratulation to all EMBA students!

Visiting Yad Vashem

Israeli security coach on anti-terrorism practices

Finishing training course





At wailing wall

Traditional jewish Sabbath dinners

At the Mediterranean

Bye Israel !