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INTO is devoted to promoting in-depth communication and innovative integration between Chinese entrepreneurs and global business community. We believe, by continuously exploring global business pulse and innovation trends, we will contribute to change the future of Chinese business. By organizing business delegations worldwide, we provide a unique face-to-face opportunity for Chinese entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and resources with global business leaders.

Into was founded by a group of senior international experts in the fields of media, finance, consulting and travel, etc. We redefine international business communication by providing exclusive “INTO Global Business Week”, focusing on high-end hot topics these days. Current programs cover UK, Israel, Northern Europe, Japan and many more regions. Over 100 Chinese entrepreneurs, including leading ones such as Mr. WANG Shi, Mr. ZHOU Hongyi, Mr. JIN Zhiguo, Mr. Cheng-Yao SUN and Ms. XIA Hua, have participated in our past programs.

Headquartered in Beijing, INTO has branches in Britain, Israel, and Japan currently.

INTO, towards the future, never stops.

INTO CEO, founder 

Mr. DENG Yaping founded INTO in 2012. He used to work at the China Entrepreneur Magazine for over nine years. Previous positions include: Conference General Manager, Secretary General of the China Entrepreneur Summit (for top business leaders). He also directed influential events such as China Future Stars Enterprises Meeting (for high-growth companies), China Business Mulan Annual Meeting (for women business leaders), Jack Welch’s visit to China, Jack Trout’s visit to China and overseas programs, such as Japan, Taiwan business tour for Chinese entrepreneurs, etc.

For much of his career, Mr. Deng has been devoted to creating high-end business communication platforms for Chinese mainstream business decision-makers. He has won trust of entrepreneurs and partners through his integrity and professionalism.